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Happy Dogs Create Happy Humans

That is the goal of The Dog’s Human. We are a purposefully curated lifestyle store that offers essentials for pets of all sizes and their parents. It is our mission to provide products that integrate your personal style, your home decor and your pup’s unique personality into one cohesive space. We are passionate about enriching the bond between dogs and their parents by providing the most stylish and useful essentials.

Bringing pups and people together

We are not just a pet products company. We are a brand that realizes the importance of the humans behind the pets, too. We have purposefully curated a line for dog parents that provides the flexibility to express yourself and maintain your personal style in order to be the most fashionable pet parent possible.

sleek design

Being a dog parent is a big part of our identity! We are our dog’s humans. Our pups are our world so we should buy products that reflect our love for them. Instead of just focusing on functionality or fashionable design, we have decided to curate a collection that puts both qualities at the forefront. It is our goal to make every product a fashionable focal point and talking point; not something you need to hide or tuck away.

Size matters

Why can’t Rottweilers have the same fashionable wardrobe or variety of products as French Bulldogs? Dogs of every size deserve equal opportunities to have a variety of stylish, high quality products! We intentionally cater to dogs of all sizes because every single one of our furry friends deserve the best. Inclusivity is a big part of our brand promise and we will continue to deliver an equal range of products for every pup, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Purposefully Curated

With the wide range of pet products on the market, it is hard to find the perfect, sleek, modern, and functional essentials that reflect your style and your pup's personality. So, we aim to make your life easier by providing you with only the best products that you and your pet deserve! 


From The Founder

Four years ago, I found my life passion and first love in my Chow Chow, Bear. I quickly learned that Bear loved other dogs so, I decided to get her a furry companion: a cinnamon Chow named Smokey, who instantly stole my heart, too. Fast forward to today, I now have Bear, Smokey and my dream breed… a sweet female Rottweiler named Harley. 


One of the biggest challenges of being a dog mom to these pups has been finding fashionable and functional products that fit their size, my personal style and my home decor. Many pet companies cater to small dogs and tend to leave out the bigger ones, who deserve just as much love, style and variety. So noticing this gap in the pet industry, I decided to create a brand that provides pet parents with essentials for their pups, no matter the size. 


Living in a large city like Los Angeles, apartment living is the popular choice for most people, which means every aspect of a home makes a statement. I realized the importance of curating fashionable pet products that not only enhance your home aesthetic, but also serve a purpose for both you and your pet. So, here at The Dog’s Human, we aim to only offer products that you can be proud of. 


Thank you for trusting us to be your source of fashionable and functional lifestyle products! To find out more about us and see our day to day life, follow us on our personal Instagram page @harleybear_therottie. 


Love and wags, 

The Dogs’ Human (who also goes by Dom)