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Beware of Wiggle Butts Doormat
Beware of Wiggle Butts Doormat
Beware of Wiggle Butts Doormat
Beware of Wiggle Butts Doormat

Freckled Lemons

Beware of Wiggle Butts Doormat

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Out with the boring doormat and in with the new and cute doormat that perfectly captures your pups personality! We all know or have that one dog who is a notorious wiggle butt! Let your guests know they have a warm, loving wiggle butt welcome waiting for them inside with this doormat. 

100% Coir with rubber backing.
This mat design is flocked. What is flocking? Adhesive is applied to the doormat. Flocking fibers are then adhered & heat cured. Flocked mats are also very durable & long lasting!
~ Doormat listings are STYLED. The doormat listings are for the doormat only for purchase. Nothing else in the pictures (accent rugs, porch decor, etc) are included. They are just there for styling purposes.~
** Please Note: No two mats are identical due to the material. Some are lighter, some are darker and some have markings of both.

To keep mat clean shake often.

To preserve your mat it is best to keep in a sheltered area such as a garage, patio, porch, covered entryway or similar where it is not getting saturated with rain, snow, sprinklers, etc.