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Rose Bandana
Rose Bandana
Rose Bandana
Rose Bandana

Spunky Styles Co

Rose Bandana

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Pretty in pink! Pink is always in style and is the perfect bandana color choice for any dog looking be the cutest pup in the neighborhood. 

This bandana is a medium weight, 100% cotton woven plaid flannel fabric. It fits pretty true to size but if you feel you are close to max size, it's recommended to size up.



Small: Up to 13 inches- great for cats, or a tea cup breed sized dog
Medium: 14-18 inches- great for a Corgi, French bulldog, Mini aussie or Spaniel sized dog
Large: 19-23 inches- great for a Pitbull, Husky, Australian Shepherd or Boxer sized dog
Extra Large: 24-30 inches- great for a Lab, golden retriever, German Shepherd, or Great Dane, Rottweiler sized dog

The Extra Large is intended to fit a wide range of large breed dogs. For dogs on the smaller side of the extra large range, you can tie the bandana. For dogs on the higher end of the size range, we have included a snap to give more room! 

Do not leave your pet unattended with this product. We are NOT responsible for any damages/illnesses to products or pet that may happen to your pet or product due to a pet chewing/eating/scratching/getting injured by the product while not attended. We recommend that you remove clothing items durning rough play time, sleeping, or when leaving your pup home alone. Always use your best judgment when giving your pet any form of clothing, toys or other products to keep your pet safe and healthy!

Pets should be supervised while playing with this toy and please remove all labels before giving it to your pet.